The GCCTI project team, with advice from the Scientific Steering Group (SSG), supports researchers across Australia to generate, propose, and develop concepts for trials of molecularly-targeted treatments suitable for grant applications seeking funding through nationally competitive schemes.

Scientific Steering Group

The GCCTI is supported by a national SSG which includes representation from individuals with scientific, clinical, and methodological expertise to inform the direction of the initiative.


  • Professor Martin Stockler, Oncology Co-Director, NHMRC CTC


  • Prof Steve Ackland, Director – Hunter Cancer Research Alliance
  • A/Prof Richard De Abreu Lourenco, Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE), University of Technology Sydney
  • Prof Anna DeFazio, Sydney West Chair of Translational Cancer Research, Centre of Cancer Research (The University of Sydney)
  • Dr Alex Dobrovic, Translational Genomics & Epigenomics Laboratory (Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute)
  • Dr Craig Gedye, Medical Oncologist, Calvary Mater Newcastle
  • Dr Andrew Haydon, Medical Oncologist (Alfred Health)
  • Dr Kirsten Hogg, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
  • Ms Lillian Leigh, Patient advocate
  • Dr Kate Mahon, Medical Oncologist (Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Sydney; Medical Oncologist and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital)
  • Prof Michael Millward, Cancer Council Professor of Clinical Cancer Research (University of Western Australia), Consultant Medical Oncologist (Linear Clinical Research), Adjunct Professor (School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University)
  • A/Prof Clare Scott, Medical Oncologist and Laboratory Head, Stem Cells and Cancer Division (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)
  • Prof John Simes, Senior Principal Research Fellow, Founding Director of NMHRC Clinical Trials Centre (University of Sydney)
  • Dr William Stevenson, Clinical Haematologist (Royal North Shore Hospital)
  • John Stubbs, CanSpeak
Working group

Expert working groups will be established for new concepts selected for development into proposals. The working groups will be formed on an as needed basis, and will draw members from the project team, Scientific Steering Group, and other experts as required (such as quality of life and economics expertise). The working groups will provide content knowledge, expertise, and input required to develop high quality proposals for grant submissions.

Project team


  • Prof Martin Stockler (Chair)
  • Prof John Simes
  • Dr Chee Lee
  • Dr Katrin Sjoquist
  • Dr Sonia Yip
  • Dr Yeh Chen Lee
  • Dr Angelina Tjokrowidjaja
  • Frances Daley


  • Katie Barwell
  • Helena Knezevic
  • Justine Lau
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