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The next GCCTI workshop will be held on Friday 1 October 2021, virtually.

A key component of the GCCTI is generating conversation about molecularly driven research in Australia.

If you have an idea for a molecularly driven research project relevant to multiple cancer types, we would love to hear from you.


What’s involved and needed

To develop grant applications, research ideas need to be identified, generated, and developed. The GCCTI project team, with advice from the Scientific Steering Group (SSG), will support researchers across Australia to propose concepts for molecularly driven trials that can be developed grant applications for submission to seek funding through nationally competitive schemes.

To support the presentation of ideas and concepts for consideration by GCCTI, please download and complete the Idea Generation Template and email it to Martin Stockler (martin.stockler@sydney.edu.au)


Documents for download

·    Idea Generation Template

·    Concept Outline Template