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The next GCCTI workshop will be held on Friday 1 October 2021, virtually.

The aim of the GCCTI is to support the 14 national cooperative cancer clinical trials groups (CTGs) funded under Cancer Australia’s Support for Cancer Clinical Trials program to develop cancer clinical trial protocols (grant applications) for studies involving two or more cancer types and two or more cooperative trials groups.

The GCCTI is funded by the Australian Government through Cancer Australia.

The GCCTI is committed to supporting and fostering effective working relationships to achieve this aim. This includes facilitation of annual workshops to generate and prioritise trial ideas, followed by collaborative development of concepts and grant applications, by grant development teams, for submission to national and international grant schemes. If successful, the trial/s will be conducted in collaboration by all relevant CTGs and other key clinicians/groups.



Cancer Australia identified the need to support the development of mutation-specific cancer clinical trials that cross multiple cancer types and cooperative groups through consultation with a variety of stakeholders including cancer researchers and clinicians.

Trials of molecularly-targeted therapies extending beyond a single tumour site require a shift from disease-focussed and discipline-focused models of clinical care to molecularly-focused alliances of scientists and clinicians, reflecting evolving basic research and future clinical care models. Methods for generating ideas, and developing concepts, protocols and grants are broadly similar, but the networks required to support these activities will be different and will need to be more fluid, dynamic, and responsive.

The GCCTI is designed to provide the specialist technical support to facilitate these interactions, generate concepts and support grant applications that would not otherwise be developed through existing processes or a single CTG.